Body shell.

Body is an adventure into industrial design, a first for me. Design ideas come from:

- Aston Martin Vantage, Ferrari 250 GTO, Dodge Viper, MGB, Porsche 911. These are raw models in background, and only used as inspiration and whats been done before, and worked well.

- Aerodynamics, slick car body is same as free horsepower. This is considered and verified in Solidworks Flow.

Headlights is BMW E32/E34 aftermarket angel eyes. Styling around these is tricky, someday I´ll get there, here is shown some work-in-progress:


Frame is drawn in Pro/E Wildfire2 and calculated for strength in Pro/E Wildfire2 Mechanica.

Aim is to:

- Have low weight by triangulating beams and use aluminium panelling, glued and riveted.

- Good enough torsional strength, at least more than 4000 Nm/degree.

- Maintain LS400 suspension geometry, but:

  • 2814 mm wheelbase is too long, reduce to 2614. Ackermann?
  • Less wheel travel, so smaller dampers can be used, stiil coilovers thou.



Frame with aluminium panels, 1 mm thick.

First pipes cut and tackwelded, making sure all is straight and square. Main pipes are 40x40x2 mm, with some triangulations fill-ins of 20x20x2.